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We do PDF now!

by notism on October 30th, 2013


We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback recently asking to integrate PDF support. Guess what? From now on you will be able to not only upload single PDF files but also multipage PDF documents. A nifty little tool on our server will convert the PDFs to images and add them to the sidebar.

Add co-workers when setting up a project


Now it’s even faster to get a new project started. A single click on the NEW PROJECT button opens the project setup where you can name your project, add new co-workers or select already invited ones from the list.

Customize your project preview


At some point you want to share just one particular screen you’re working on instead of sharing a whole project. Or hide certain user interface elements (sidebar/toolbar) in the preview for a better user experience when reviewing the work.

With SHARE PROJECT you are now able grant someone a customized access to a whole project or a single page without adding them to your account. You can even gather comments and feedback on your work from anyone who follows your shared link.

We’ve also simplified the way you can show or hide elements of your work and added the keyboard shortcut “U” – that opens upload window.

Fresh UI stencil kits have arrived

We’ve added a bunch of great UI stencil kits including the “Basiliq Touch UI Kit” by the guys at Cloud Castle and a “Mobile Design Kit” by Daniel Chitu. Check out these awesome resources that will help you speed up your workflow.

We hope Notism helps you reviewing design work in a more effective way.

Your team at Notism

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